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AI Stitch in Time: Podcast Chat

DALL·E 2023-12-13 09.43.03 - software application icons stitched together with thread on a black background

MotiveMetrics Chief Scientist, Kyle Thomas, joined the AI Chat Podcast to talk about the future of AI in Marketing.  "The human can come up with a creative campaign and AI has the ability to stitch together image generation along with language generation and help bring that vision to life. The trend is not some earth-shattering difference or some new thing we have not thought about. The puzzle pieces are out there and the race is on to make them usable."

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AI Driven Customer Acquisition - Ai4 2023

MotiveMetrics' Chief Science Officer, Kyle Thomas, joined the AI4 panel on AI Driven Customer Acquisition, Aug 8, 2023 at MGM in Las Vegas. The full panel discussion is available HERE, but our favorite highlights are shown below.

Kyle opened the panel by sharing how the company started during his PhD research in Experimental Psychology at Harvard University. Initially, MotiveMetrics analyzed text from Social Media to develop customer profiles, understand consumer motivations and inform marketing communications. Today, in Paid Search advertising MotiveMetrics' focus is to conquer the "last mile problem" presented by Generative AI systems.

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How RSAs Killed the ETA Star


The deprecation of ETAs are a continuation of a Google strategy to automate the paid search customer journey using NLP and Machine Learning technology.  As innovations in AI advance, search engines are leveraging these technologies to enhance user experience by understanding the relationships between words in user queries and advertiser content in order to generate the best possible customer journey for every query.

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