MotiveMetrics "Most Promising AI Solution Provider of 2022"

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CIO Review, the Navigator for Enterprise Solutions, recognized MotiveMetrics as the "Most Promising AI Solution Provider of 2022" in recognition of its software innovations leveraging AI for Search Intent Based Content Creation.  In fact, MotiveMetrics has been leveraging AI for understanding consumer behavior and developing motivational messaging tailored to target audiences since it was founded in 2015, long before ChatGPT became the rage in Q4 2022.  


In a recent interview with Forbes Bill Gates compared the evolution of AI with the invention of the PC, GUI and the internet itself.  “It’s pretty stunning that what I'm seeing in AI just in the last 12 months is every bit as important as the PC, the PC with GUI [graphical user interface], or the internet. As the four most important milestones in digital technology, this ranks up there.”  That’s high praise for a transformative technology so early in its development.  

We're looking forward to seeing what steps Large Language Models and Generative AI will take next.  Whatever the future holds we're pretty sure AI will be a part of it!