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Not All Scales Are Created Equal:
Constructing Scales that Collect Predictive Data

When developing tools for online market research, there are three main objectives: create scales that are rigorous and robust, meet academic and research standards, and make these tools something that will be engaging and effective on the Internet. Here at TipTap Lab, we found this process to be easier said than done in many ways. We spent three years conducting exploratory research and testing and confirming validity in order to create a tool that provided a better understanding of people. 


Posted by Kieffer Thomas on Oct 22, 2013

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5 Tips for Creating Engaging Surveys

Creating a survey can be a grueling task. Worse, far too many surveys result in inaccurate or inconclusive data, leaving a team with little added knowledge or understanding. Years of conducting research experiments has taught us important lessons to increase respondent accuracy. While there are many enhancements that can be made to a survey, the most important is increasing engagement. More engaging surveys lead to more willing participants, reliable and valid answers and ultimately cost-effective surveying tools. Here are 5 simple tips to create more engaging surveys: 


Posted by Kieffer Thomas on Jan 24, 2013

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