Effective Advertising: Did "God Made a Farmer" Alienate or Resonate?

As a marketer, watching the Superbowl has always been about the advertisements. After working at TipTap Lab, I’ve started watching ads in a whole new way. While the shock or comedic value are always entertaining, this year I wanted to try to understand which ad would stand the test of time in order to have a truly valuable ROl. While it's far too early to make that call, “God Made A Farmer” demonstrated a clear understanding of the psychology behind the emotional evaluation process and used this valuable tool to target customer segments and draw on consumers’ true motivations to connect with their audience. Here are a few examples of how Dodge Ram created success this year. 


Posted by Emily Dyess on Feb 5, 2013

product Customer Segmentation target audience Nonconscious Motivations Research Psychology and Marketing Advertising and Psychology Brand Personality Research Methods

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