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ETA Deprecation: How AI-powered RSAs killed the ETA star


The deprecation of ETAs are a continuation of a Google strategy to automate the paid search customer journey using NLP and Machine Learning technology.  As innovations in AI advance, search engines are leveraging these technologies to enhance user experience by understanding the relationships between words in user queries and advertiser content in order to generate the best possible customer journey for every query.

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Zombie Keywords 101


Zombie keywords are enabled keywords that aren’t getting traffic. Isolating them and getting them more organized and paired with the right ads can bring them to life, which unlocks opportunities for growth and increased market share.

By bringing zombie keywords back to life, you can unearth value that has been lying dormant and is only waiting to be realized. How many of your zero impression keywords are zombies? Find out how you can reanimate zombie keywords to create new pathways that help you add revenue to your paid search account.

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