6 Consumer Behavior and Psychology Podcasts Worth Listening To

Print and online articles are great, as are blog posts, but we don't always have time to read thoroughly without being tempted to skim. Podcasts, on the other hand, can serve as your background music whather you're working at your computer or plugged into an iPod on the go. We usually post link summaries of recommended blog posts covering topic like consumer behavior and psychology, but this time, we looked for a handful relevant podcasts and chose the best description line for each. Some are ongoing episodes and some are one-time chapters, but each discusses different things within the two topics.

1. The Web Psychologist

(by Nathalie Nahai via @TheWebPsych)

"Nathalie helps businesses psychologically optimise their online engagement, by applying scientific rigour to their design process."


2. Marketing Smarts Podcast: Sally Hogshead and the $500 Cup of Coffee

(by @MattTGrant via @MarketingProfs)

"You and your competitors basically sell the same thing. This means that your point of differentiation will have little to do with your product and everything to do with creating an aura around that product that other's find fascinating."


3. Using Emotions In Marketing

(by Rhonda Basler via @Hallmarkbiz)

"Getting a consumer's attention, and ultimately winning their loyalty, depends upon marketers to demonstrate four essential pillars of emotional integrity; authenticity, transparency, honest value and genuine interest."


4. To Keep Customers, Brick-And-Mortar Stores Look To Smartphones

(via @npr)

"Consumers using smartphones and tablets are changing the way stores market, set prices and track customer tastes."


5. How to Leverage Consumer Psychology and Tap into Consumer Behavior

(by Michael FIshman via @JohnCorCoran)

"Fortunes have been made and lost betting on consumer behavior."


6. 3 Questions That Determine A Customer's Buying Behavior

(by @RebeccaCosta via @vistage)

"[Learn] how the price of a product impacts the perecntage of time a customer spends on each buying question."



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Posted by Angela Bray on Sep 17, 2013

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