5 Relevant Blog Posts for the CMO

We know you’re busy and we want to make your life a little bit easier by launching our weekly list of posts you may have missed. This list will include our favorite links from lesser known blogs that contributed valuable content or insight, based on a specific topic related to psychology, brand personality, and consumer behavior.

1. Which CMO Skill is more Valuable: Industry Expert of Versatile Leader?

by @Brogers825 via @Forbes

When Forbes’ CIO Bruce Rogers interviews Dick Patton, head of Egon Zehnder’s global CMO practice, they discuss leaders with diversified industry expertise, the evolving marketing landscape, what a CEO should look for in a potential CMO, and the ‘Versatile CMO.” Patton also gives examples of CMOs who are “pushing the edge”?

2. 6 Ways to Track Your Competition’s Marketing Strategy

by @JimJosephExp via @entmagazine

This piece talks about tracking every aspect of your competitors'marketing, including their packaging, advertising, promotion, social media, and website activity. Tips include signing up for Google Alerts, connecting with competitors on social media and becoming a secret shopper.

3. 5 Things a CMO Should Know ABout Brand Protection

via @intelli_cred

Is your online strategy secure and does it include a brand protection plan? A CMO should fight traffic diversion, keep ecommerce channels clean and compliant, start planning the new landscape in domain names, and pair a good offense with your good defense.

4. Hiring the Right CMO

By Barbara Fowler via @ChiefOutsiders

This piece advises the right types of individuals who quality for a CMO position, like team players and having the right skillset.

5. How Cloud, Big Data and Mobile Will Make the CMO the BMOC

by Rob Lilleness via @CMO_com

The CMO can hugely benefit from the rise of cloud and big data. Read on to learn about the news tools required by mobile transition and the focus on data-driven outreach.

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Posted by Angela Bray on Jun 3, 2013

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