What Every Marketer Should Know About the Nonconscious: Key Points + Takeaways

Yesterday, we hosted our live webinar on What Marketers Should Know About the Nonconscious. Below is a brief overview of some things you may have missed as well as access to the presentation. A recording of the webinar as well as a blog post devoted to questions and answers around the topic will be posted later this week.

Decisions are made in the pursuit of goals and motivations, and most decisions happen outside of our awareness through nonconscious processes. Our brain is designed to keep this information from us, providing instead plausible and socially acceptable responses about our decision-making when prompted. This is the result of a psychological mechanism known as the Confabulator, and as a result of this, explicit reports cannot be trusted. Leveraging psychological traits offers a new way to access these nonconscious processes and identity the true motivations of why we do what we do. Read on for the key points and takeaways from our webinar, "What Every Marketer Should Know About the Nonconscious," with Dan Cudgma, Kyle Thomas and guest Geoffrey Miller.


Posted by Angela Bray on Apr 18, 2013

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