In the debate of Trait theory vs. Type theory, most psychologists agree traits are a more accurate way of understanding people. That is, traits are an easily measured and quantifiable way to account for someone's basic personality characteristics, which are now being used to predict consumer behavior.


Brands can capture psychological traits to better align products with customer desires. Psychological traits are linked to motivations that drive behavior, making trait data invaluable to brands. Previously, measureing these traits in a quantifiable way was impossible, but now, brands are able to use traits to accurately characterize consumers in a quantifiable way. This understanding can shape forecasting models, promotional strategies, and product development.

Our eBook details how and why trait data derived from this type of measurement is significantly more predictive of behavior than type theory and a basic understanding of the key differences.

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Here's a sneak peek at the eBook's content:

•The Confusion Between Traits and Types
•Psychological Trait Theory vs. personality Type Theory
•The Value of Using Traits Over Types
•Samples of Psychological Traits
•How TipTap Lab Measures Traits



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Posted by Angela Bray on Feb 17, 2014

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